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Office Tools

Unicode To Bijoy Converter
And Vice Versa

For official usage, both the unicode and Bijoy are required based on different requirements. But when the same document needs to be converted to Unicode to Bijoy or Bijoy to Unicode, you can use this handy tool.

Unicode to Bijoy Converter

Web Tools

HTML Editor
With TinyMce

This tool is a simple HTML editor that allows you to edit HTML code. It is useful for editing HTML code of a webpage. You can also copy-paste documents and tables from word and get the HTML code of that document using this tool.

HTML Editor
BDIX Server Checker
Check Active BDIX Servers

This simple tool can help with to find out the active list of BDIX servers connected to your WiFi network without you having to check all one by one. Simply run the test and save the list of active servers.

BDIX Server Checker
Free QR Code Generator
Generate QR Codes

This free tool can help you to generate and download QR codes for any text, URL, phone number, email address, etc. You can also generate QR codes for your social media profiles.

Free QR Code Generator